Texture Tiling and Patching With a Novel Path Search Algorithm for Quick and Realistic Texture Synthesis

We present a framework for sampling-based texture synthesis where the learning phase is clearly separated and the synthesis phase is very simple and fast. The approach exploits the potential of tile-based texturing and produces good and realistic results for a wide range of textures. The synthesis phase is realizable directly in graphical hardware. As a part of the framework we also propose a fast and adjustable sub-optimal path search algorithm for finding minimum error boundaries between overlapping images. The algorithm may serve as an efficient alternative of traditional slow path search algorithms like the dynamical programming etc.
  • + Analysis (tile creation) deterministic or randomized
  • + Surprisingly good results with many natural textures
  • + Synthesis trivial: just combining rectangular tiles - can be easily done in GPU
  • + Adjustable trade-off between the required quality of output and memory size (number of different tiles)
  • + Includes extremely fast sub-optimal path-search algorithm used to minimize overlap errors between bitmaps
  • +/- Analysis may involve parameter twiddling
  • - Can fail e.g. with textures that exhibit strong linear diverging structures


    (requires Flash version 5+ plug-in)

    Sample Results