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Conference Paper (international conference)

Advanced textural representation of materials appearance

Haindl Michal, Filip Jiří

: Proceedings of SA '11 SIGGRAPH Asia 2011 Courses, p. 1-84 , Eds: Sander P.

: SIGGRAPH Asia 2011, (Hong Kong, CN, 12.12.2011-15.12.2011)

: CEZ:AV0Z10750506

: 387/2010, CESNET, GA102/08/0593, GA ČR, GAP103/11/0335, GA ČR

: visual texture, Bidirectional Texture Function, materials appearance

: textural representation of materials appearance.pdf

(eng): Multidimensional visual texture is the appropriate paradigm for physically correct material visual properties representation. The course will present recent advances in texture modelling methodology as applied in computer vision, pattern recognition, computer graphics, and virtual/augmented reality applications. Contrary to previous courses on material appearance, we will focus on materials whose nature allows the exploitation of texture modeling approaches. This topic is introduced in the wider and complete context of pattern recognition and image rocessing. It comprehends modeling of multi-spectral images and videos which can be accomplished either with multi-dimensional mathematical models or sophisticated sampling methods from the original measurements. The key aspects of the topic, i.e., different multi-dimensional data models with their corresponding benefits and drawbacks, optimal model selection, parameter estimation and model synthesis techniques, are discussed.

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