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Bidirectional Texture Function Three Dimensional Pseudo Gaussian Markov Random Field Model

Conference Paper (Czech conference)

Havlíček Michal

serial: Doktorandské dny 2012, p. 53-62

action: Doktorandské dny 2012, (Praha, CZ, 16.11.2012-23.11.2012)

project(s): GA102/08/0593, GA ČR

keywords: bidirectional texture function, texture modelling

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abstract (eng):

The Bidirectional Texture Function (BTF) is the recent most advanced representation of material surface visual properties. BTF specifies the changes of its visual appearance due to varying illumination and viewing angles. Such a function might be represented by thousands of images of given material surface. Original data cannot be used due to its size and some compression is necessary. This paper presents a novel probabilistic model for BTF textures. The method combines synthesized smooth texture and corresponding range map to produce the required BTF texture. Proposed scheme enables very high BTF texture compression ratio and may be used to reconstruct BTF space as well.