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Identification of Corporate Competitiveness Factors – Comparing Different Approaches

Conference Paper (international conference)

Pudil P., Blažek L., Částek O., Somol P., Grim Jiří

serial: Proceedings of the International Conference on Management, Leadership and Governance 2013, p. 259-267

action: International Conference on Management, Leadership and Governance, (Bangkok, TH, 07.02.2013-08.02.2013)

project(s): GAP403/12/1557, GA ČR

keywords: factors of corporate competitiveness, corporate financial performance, empirical research, non-linear regression, feature selection, statistical pattern recognition

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abstract (eng):

The methodology and current results of identifying factors of corporate competitiveness in the Czech Republic are discussed. The task is to investigate what is the mutual dependency between the corporate competitiveness (characterized here by the corporate financial performance (hereinafter called ‘CFP) and selected characteristics describing these companies. Such characteristics can be regarded as the factors of competitiveness. The task of determining these factors has to be solved in multidimensional space. Therefore, the feature selection methodology from statistical pattern recognition, selecting a group of the most informative characteristics appears to be a suitable and promising approach. As opposed to our recent paper based on the classification approach, an alternative approach based on non-linear statistical regression is presented here. The paper presents a brief introduction to both the approaches and the results achieved when using them.