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Journal Article

Fast method of sparse acquisition and reconstruction of view and illumination dependent datasets

Filip Jiří, Vávra Radomír

: Computers & Graphics-Uk vol.37, 5 (2013), p. 376-388

: 239294, EC ERG (European Reintegration Grant) FP7, GAP103/11/0335, GA ČR

: apparent BRDF, measurement, reconstruction, sparse sampling, portable setup

: 10.1016/j.cag.2013.02.010


(eng): Although computer graphics uses measured view and illumination dependent data to achieve realistic digital reproduction of real-world material properties, the extent of their utilization is currently limited by a complicated acquisition process. Due to the high dimensionality of such data, the acquisition process is demanding on time and resources. Proposed is a method of approximate reconstruction of the data from a very sparse dataset, obtained quickly using inexpensive hardware. This method does not impose any restrictions on input datasets and can handle anisotropic, non-reciprocal view and illumination direction-dependent data. The method's performance was tested on a number of isotropic and anisotropic apparent BRDFs, and the results were encouraging.

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