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Non-Iris Occlusions Detection

Conference Paper (international conference)

Haindl Michal, Krupička Mikuláš

serial: Biometrics: Theory, Applications and Systems (BTAS), 2013, p. 1-6

action: The IEEE Sixth International Conference on Biometrics: Theory, Applications, and Systems (BTAS 2013), (Washington DC, US, 29.09.2013-02.10.2013)

project(s): GAP103/11/0335, GA ČR, GA102/08/0593, GA ČR

keywords: iris recognition, iris occlusion

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abstract (eng):

The prerequisite for the accurate iris recognition is to detect all iris occlusions which would otherwise confuse a recognition method and impair its recognition rate. This paper presents a fast multispectral eyelid, eyelash, and reflection detection method based on the underlying three-dimensional spatial probabilistic textural model. The model first adaptively learns its parameters on the flawless iris texture part and subsequently checks for non iris occlusions using the recursive prediction analysis. We provide colour iris occlusion detection results that indicate the advantages of the proposed method and compare it with 97 recent Noisy Iris Challenge Evaluation algorithms.