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Conference Paper (Czech conference)

Dynamic Textures Modelling with Temporal Mixing Coefficients Approximation

Havlíček Michal

: Doktorandské dny 2013, p. 41-48

: Doktorandské dny 2013 FJFI oboru Matematické inženýrství, (Praha, CZ, 15.11.2013)

: dynamic texture, texture synthesis


(eng): Appearance of many real world materials is not static but changes in time. In case of spatially and temporally homogeneous changes the material can be represented by means of dynamic texture. Dynamic texture modelling is a challenging problem. In this article we present possible solution based on eigen analysis of input data and subsequent processing and modelling of temporal interpolation eigen coefficients using a combination of piecewise linear approximation and normal distribution sampling. The proposed method shows good performance, enables compress significantly the original data and extremely fast synthesis of arbitrarily long extension of the original texture.

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