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Conference Paper (international conference)

Advances in statistical feature selection

Kittler J., Pudil Pavel, Somol Petr

: Advances in Pattern Recognition - ICAPR 2001. Proceedings, p. 425-434 , Eds: Singh S., Murshed N., Kropatsch W.

: Springer, (Heidelberg 2001)


: ICAPR /2./, (Rio de Janeiro, BR, 11.03.2001-14.03.2001)

: AV0Z1075907

: GA402/01/0981, GA ČR, KSK1019101, GA AV ČR

: statistical pattern recognition, feature selection, methodology

(eng): Advances in feature selection methododology for statistical pattern recognition are presented and overviewed in the taxonomical framewrok. The methods discussed include latest variants of the Branch and Bound algorithm, enhanced Floating Search techniques and the simultaneous semiparametric pdf modelling and feature space selection method.

: 09K, 09H

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