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Texture modelling by discrete distribution mixtures

Grim Jiří, Haindl Michal

: Computational Statistics and Data Analysis vol.41, p. 603-615

: CEZ:AV0Z1075907

: GA102/00/0030, GA ČR, KSK1019101, GA AV ČR

: discrete distribution mixtures, EM algorithm, texture modelling

(eng): A new method of texture modelling based on discrete distribution mixtures is proposed to enable the texture analysis in the original quantized gray level coding. Unlike some alternative approaches the statistical properties of textures are modelled by a discrete distribution mixture of product components. The univariate distributions in the products are represented by vectors of probabilities without any constrains. The texture synthesis is based on easy computation of marginal distributions.

: 09H, 12B, 09K

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