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Sequential pattern recognition by maximum conditional informativity

Journal Article

Grim Jiří

serial: Pattern Recognition Letters vol.45, 1 (2014), p. 39-45

project(s): GA14-02652S, GA ČR, GA14-10911S, GA ČR

keywords: Multivariate statistics, Statistical pattern recognition, Sequential decision making, Product mixtures, EM algorithm, Shannon information

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abstract (eng):

Sequential pattern recognition assumes the features to be measured successively, one at a time, and therefore the key problem is to choose the next feature optimally. However, the choice of the features may be strongly influenced by the previous feature measurements and therefore the on-line ordering of features is difficult. There are numerous methods to estimate class-conditional probability distributions but it is usually computationally intractable to derive the corresponding conditional marginals. In literature there is no exact method of on-line feature ordering except for the strongly simplifying naive Bayes models. We show that the problem of sequential recognition has an explicit analytical solution which is based on approximation of the class-conditional distributions by mixtures of product components.