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Unsupervised Surface Reflectance Field Multi-segmenter

Conference Paper (international conference)

Haindl Michal, Mikeš Stanislav, Kudo M.

serial: Computer Analysis of Images and Patterns - CAIP 2015, p. 261-273 , Eds: Azzopardi George, Petkov Nicolai

action: 16th International Conference on Computer Analysis of Images and Patterns, (Valletta, MT, 02.09.2015-04.09.2015)

project(s): GA14-10911S, GA ČR

keywords: Unsupervised image segmentation, Textural features, Illumination invariants, Surface reflectance field, Bidirectional texture function

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abstract (eng):

An unsupervised, illumination invariant, multi-spectral, mul/-ti-resolution, multiple-segmenter for textured images with unknown number of classes is presented. The segmenter is based on a weighted combination of several unsupervised segmentation results, each in different resolution, using the modified sum rule. Multi-spectral textured image mosaics are locally represented by eight causal directional multi-spectral random field models recursively evaluated for each pixel. The single-resolution segmentation part of the algorithm is based on the underlying Gaussian mixture model and starts with an over segmented initial estimation which is adaptively modified until the optimal number of homogeneous texture segments is reached. The performance of the presented method is extensively tested on the Prague segmentation benchmark both on the surface reflectance field textures as well as on the static colour textures using the commonest segmentation criteria and compares favourably with several leading alternative image segmentation methods.