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Capturing Material Visualization Data using Goniometers

Conference Paper (international conference)

Filip Jiří, Vávra Radomír, Haindl Michal

serial: Proceedings of the 4th CIE Expert Symposium on Colour and Visual Appearance, p. 121-127

action: The 4th CIE Expert Symposium on Colour and Visual Appearance, (Praha, CZ, 06.09.2016-07.09.2016)

project(s): GA14-02652S, GA ČR

keywords: texture, material appearance, BTF, measurement setup, portable

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abstract (eng):

Reproduction of the appearance of real-world materials in virtual environments has been one of the ultimate challenges of computer graphics. The required material representations depend on the complexity of the material's appearance. They start with a bidirectional reflectance distribution function (BRDF) describing distribution of energy reflected in the viewing direction when illuminated from a specific direction. As the BRDF cannot capture a material's spatial structure, it has been extended to a more general bidirectional texture function (BTF) capturing non-local effects in rough material structures, such as occlusions, masking, sub-surface scattering, or inter-reflections. A monospectral BTF is a six-dimensional function representing the material appearance at each surface point for variable illumination and view directions, parameterized by elevation and azimuthal angles. This paper describes application of gonioreflectometrs for capturing BTF for material visualization purposes.