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Appearance Acquisition and Analysis of Effect Coatings

Conference Paper (international conference)

Filip Jiří, Maile F. J.

serial: Proceedings of Pigment and Colour Science Forum 2017

action: Pigment and Colour Science Forum 2017, (Alicante, ES, 20171004)

project(s): GA17-18407S, GA ČR

keywords: effect coatings, appearance capturing, polychromatic, particle orientation

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abstract (eng):

Effect coatings capturing, visualization and analysis become highly important nowadays, when digital appearance content is necessary for facilitating quick communication of material appearance properties across various industries.\nThis paper briefly overviews our recent contributions to: (1) rapid and realistic appearance measurement and visualization of effect coatings, (2) characterization of effect coatings allowing instant discrimination between different coating systems and effect pigments, (3) a non-invasive automatic texture-based particle orientation analysis method.