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BRDF Measurement of Highly-Specular Materials using a Goniometer

Filip Jiří, Vávra Radomír, Maile F. J.

: Proceedings of the 33rd Spring Conference on Computer Graphics , Eds: Spencer Stephen N.

: SCCG´17 - 33rd Spring Conference on Computer Graphics 2017, (Mikulov, CZ, 20170515)

: GA17-18407S, GA ČR

: BRDF, gloss, material, specular, goniometer, adaptive, measurement, chrome-like appearance, high-reflective, mirror-like coatings

: 10.1145/3154353.3154370


(eng): Visually accurate capture of appearance of highly specular surfaces is of a great research interest of the coating industry, who strive to introduce highly reflective products while minimizing their production and quality assessment costs, and avoiding environmental issues related to the production process. An efficient measurement of such surfaces is challenging due to their narrow specular peak of an unknown shape and typically very high dynamic range. Such behavior puts higher requirements on capabilities of a measuring device and has impact on length of the measurement process. In this paper, we rely on a material probes with a predefined curved shape featuring slight local inhomogeneities. This defines a goniometric device as appropriate means of appearance capture. To shorten a typically long measurement time required when using these approaches, we introduce a method of material appearance acquisition by means of the isotropic BRDF using relatively sparse sampling adapted to each measured material individually.

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