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In the search of an ideal measurement geometry for effect coatings

Filip Jiří, Maile F. J.

: Proceedings of Pigment and Colour Science Forum 2018

: Pigment and Color Science Forum, (Boston, US, 20181003)

: GA17-18407S, GA ČR

: effect coatings, appearance capturing, instrument, gonioreflectometer, measurement


(eng): Visualization and analysis of effect coatings capturing, become highly important nowadays, when digital appearance content is necessary for facilitating quick communication of material appearance properties across various industries. The contribution of this paper is twofold. First, we discuss development of measurement geometries used in the industry, discuss limitations related to small instruments and finally compare three selected instruments in terms of luminance and color. Second, present an application of minimal sampling approach to reconstruct dense in-plane geometries based on a sparse set of measured geometries. As this approach relies on properties of a created PCA basis, we show how one can optimize sparse directions for specific pigment types or coating systems. As the span of our tested coatings is limited, we present this optimization method as an application showcase rather than a reference directions.

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