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Framework for Capturing and Editing of Anisotropic Effect Coatings

Filip Jiří, Vávra Radomír, Maile F. J., Kolafová Martina

: Computer Graphics Forum

: GA17-18407S, GA ČR

: anisotropic effect coating, SVBRDF, magnetic pigment, appearance capture edit

: 10.1111/cgf.14119


(eng): Coatings are used today for products, ranging from automotive production to electronics and everyday use items. Product design is taking on an increasingly important role, where effect pigments come to the fore, offering a coated surface extra optical characteristics. Individual effect pigments have strong anisotropic, azimuthaly-dependent behavior, typically suppressed by a coating application process, randomly orienting pigment particles resulting in isotropic appearance. One exception is a pigment that allows control ot the azimuthal orientation of flakes using a magnetic field. We investigate visual texture effects due to such an orientation in a framework allowing efficient capturing, modelling and editing of its appearance. We captured spatially-varying BRDFs of four coatings containing magnetic effect pigments. As per-pixel non-linear fitting cannot preserve coating sparkle effects, we suggest a novel method of anisotropy modelling based on images shifting in an angular domain. The model can be utilized for a fast transfer of desired anisotropy to any isotropic effect coating, while preserving important spatially-varying visual features of the original coating. The anisotropic behavior was fitted by a parametric model allowing for editing of coating appearance. \nThis framework allows exploration of anisotropic effect coatings and their appearance transfer to standard effect coatings in a virtual environment.

: JD

: 20201