Publications - Michal Havlíček

Journal articles (2)

1. Jiří Filip, Radomír Vávra, Michal Havlíček, Mikuláš Krupička: Predicting Visual Perception of Material Structure in Virtual Environments. Computer Graphics Forum 36:1 (2017), 89-100.   Download
2. Jiří Filip, Michal Havlíček, Radomír Vávra: Adaptive highlights stencils for modeling of multi-axial BRDF anisotropy. Visual Computer 33:1 (2017), 5-15.   Download

Conference papers (12)

1. Michal Haindl, Michal Havlíček: A Compound Moving Average Bidirectional Texture Function Model. Multimedia and Network Information Systems, 89-98. Springer Internatiion Publishing, Switzerland 2017.   Download
2. Michal Havlíček, Michal Haindl: Texture spectral similarity criteria. Proceedings of the 4th CIE Expert Symposium on Colour and Visual Appearance, 147-154. Commission Internationale de L'Eclairage CIE Central Bureau, Vienna 2016.   Download
3. Michal Havlíček: Extended Bidirectional Texture Function Moving Average Model. Doktorandské dny 2015, 1-7. České vysoké učení technické v Praze, Praha 2015.   Download
4. Jiří Filip, Michal Havlíček: Adaptive Highlights Stencils for Modeling of Multi-Axial BRDF Anisotropy. Proceedings of Computer Graphics International 2015. ICube Université de Strasbourg, CNRS, France, Strasbourgh, Francie 2015.   Download
5. Michal Havlíček, Michal Haindl, Jiří Filip: Dynamic Textures Modeling Using Temporal Mixing Coefficients Reduction. 2014 International Workshop on Computational Intelligence for Multimedia Understanding (IWCIM). IEEE Computer Society CPS, Los Alamitos, USA 2014.   Download
6. Michal Havlíček: Dynamic Texture Modelling and Editing Using Temporal Mixing Coefficients Reduction. Doktorandské dny, 7-16. FJFI ČVUT, Praha 2014.   Download
7. Jiří Filip, Radomír Vávra, Michal Havlíček: Effective Acquisition of Dense Anisotropic BRDF. Proceedings of the 22nd International Conference on Pattern Recognition (ICPR 2014), 2047-2052. IEEE Computer Society, Stockholm 2014.   Download
8. Michal Havlíček: Dynamic Textures Modelling with Temporal Mixing Coefficients Approximation. Doktorandské dny 2013, 41-48. ČVUT, Praha 2013.   Download
9. Michal Havlíček, Michal Haindl: A Moving Average Bidirectional Texture Function Model. Computer Analysis of Images and Patterns, 338-345. Springer, Heidelberg 2013.   Download
10. Michal Havlíček: Bidirectional Texture Function Three Dimensional Pseudo Gaussian Markov Random Field Model. Doktorandské dny 2012, 53-62. ČVUT v Praze, Praha 2012.   Download
11. Michal Haindl, Michal Havlíček: Bidirectional Texture Function Simultaneous Autoregressive Model. Computational Intelligence for Multimedia Understanding, 149-159. Springer, Berlin 2012.   Download
12. Michal Havlíček: MSAR BTF Model. Doktorandské Dny 2011, 47-56. FJFI ČVUT, Praha 2011.   Download