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Advanced Control


Digital Self-tuning Controllers
Algorithms, Implementation and Applications

Series: Advanced Textbooks in Control and Signal Processing
Bobál, V., Böhm, J., Fessl, J., Macháček, J.
Springer 2005, XVI, 318 p. 187 illus., Softcover
ISBN: 1-85233-980-2
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About this textbook:

Adaptive control theory has developed significantly over the past few years; self-tuning control represents one branch of adaptive control that has been successfully applied in practice. Controller design requires knowledge of the plant to be controlled which is not always readily accessible; self-tuning controllers gather such information during normal operation and adjust controller designs on-line as required.
Digital Self-tuning Controllers are presented you with a complete course in self-tuning control, beginning with a survey of adaptive control and the formulation of adaptive control problems. Modelling and identification are dealt with before passing on to algebraic design methods and particular PID and linear-quadratic forms of self-tuning control. Finally, laboratory verification and experimentation will show you how to ground your theoretical knowledge in real plant control.

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