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Department of Adaptive Systems

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The Department of Adaptive Systems focuses predominantly on the design of decision-making systems, which modify their behavior according to the changing properties of their environment. This essential ability – adaptivity – enhances their efficiency. Decades of research have brought a number of conceptual, theoretical, algorithmic, software and application results. The applicability of adaptive systems is currently being extended toward complex scenarios by improving the classical adaptive systems and by developing their new versions.

The departmental “know-how” serves to resolve national as well as international research projects, running in collaboration with industry and government agencies. The interplay between theory and limited computing power is the common issue linking the various project domains. They include traffic control, management and control of technological systems, radiation protection, nuclear medicine, analysis of financial data, electronic democracy, etc. The increasing complexity of the problems addressed directs the main stream of the research toward decentralized control of large-scale systems and normative decision-making with multiple participants.

Honoring deceased members of the Department of Adaptive Systems

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Department detail

Ing. Lubomír Bakule CSc.
Ing. Květoslav Belda Ph.D.
Ing. Josef Böhm CSc.
Ing. Antonie Brožová
Doc. Ing. Kamil Dedecius Ph.D.
Dr. Siavash Fakhimi Derakhshan Ph.D.
Bc. Aleksej Gaj
Doc. Ing. Tatiana Valentine Guy Ph.D.
Ing. Jitka Homolová Ph.D.
Ing. Adam Jedlička
RNDr. Ladislav Jirsa Ph.D.
Ing. Miroslav Kárný DrSc.
Ing. Lenka Kuklišová Pavelková Ph.D.
Bc. Soňa Molnárová
Ing. Petr Pecha CSc.
Ing. Pavel Píša Ph.D.
Štěpán Pressl
Ing. Marko Ruman
Prof. Ing. Václav Šmídl Ph.D.
Ing. Ondřej Tichý Ph.D.
Ing. Petr Zagalak CSc.
Duration: 2014 - 2016
The project aims to develop a dynamic distributed estimation framework, intended for fully distributed low-cost parameter estimation of stationary signals and reduced-complexity tracking of nonstationary processes.
Duration: 2013 - 2016
Decision making (DM) is a targeted choice of actions based on given knowledge and preferences. Normatively, Bayesian DM, maximising expected utility, should be used under uncertainty but this happens less than desirable. Often, imperfection of the DM participant can be blamed as it limits the deliberation effort spent.
Duration: 2013 - 2015
The project is aimed to bring a novel type of monitors of the overall control system condition based on hierarchical assessment of its components. The idea combines mathematical models of system's inner relations and priors on components reliability by using a consistent probabilistic approach.
Duration: 2012 - 2014
Differential equations form a tool that is frequently used for describing a great variety of dynamical systems. The developed theory of differential equations gives a possibility to study different kinds of processes like those with a finite number of degrees of freedom (ordinary differential equations), systems with distributed parameters (partial differential equations), systems with memory (d
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