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Department of Control Theory

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Logo of ACT The research in linear control theory has a long tradition in the Institute. During the 1960s researchers of the Institute made considerable developments in both transfer-function and state-space methods. During the 1970s and the 1980s, the members of the Department achieved significant results, which launched an entirely new area of research worldwide. Among these are the parametrization of all controllers stabilizing a given plant (known as the Youla-Kučera parametrization) and the design of control systems via polynomial equations. Starting the 1990s, the research activities of the department ranged from robust control to nonlinear systems.

In the present time, Department of control theory focuses on nonlinear systems, including chaotic systems and general systems theory. Theoretical results are then successfully applied to specific practical areas like modelling and control of biological and biotechnological systems, modelling and control of mechanical systems, including robotic walking analysis and design. Further topics are related to multi-agent systems, large-scale systems, nonlinear systems interconnected in complex networks and control of distributed parameter systems based on multivariate polynomials.

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Department detail

Ing. Milan Anderle Ph.D.
Prof. RNDr. Sergej Čelikovský CSc.
Ing. Kamil Dolinský Ph.D.
Ing. Jan Ježek CSc.
Prof. Ing. Vladimír Kučera DrSc.
Mgr. Anna Lynnyk Ph.D.
Mgr. Volodymyr Lynnyk Ph.D.
Doc. Ing. Štěpán Papáček Ph.D.
Ing. Mgr. Branislav Rehák Ph.D.
Miroslava Součková
Ing. Pavel Zezula Ph.D.
Centro de Investigación y de Estudios Avanzados del Instituto Politécnico Nacional The Organizing Committee of the 2023...
Prof. Ing. Vladimir Kucera, DrSc., dr. h. c. is an Emeritus Scientist of the Czech Academy of Sciences and served as...
Milan Anderle was awarded the Best Paper Award 2021 for the outstanding full paper contribution (co-authors Prof....
The paper entitled "Time-Optimal Control for Bilinear Nonnegative-In-Control Systems: Application to Magnetic...
Publikace „Časově optimální řízení pro bilineární nezáporné systémy v řízení: Aplikace k magnetické manipulaci“ autorů...
The paper entitled "Time-Optimal Control for Bilinear Nonnegative-In-Control Systems: Application to Magnetic...
Děkan Fakulty elektrotechnické ČVUT v Praze, prof. Ing. Pavel Ripka, CSc., udělil dne 20.2.2017 Ing. Milanovi Anderlemu...
Uznání pro Mgr. Zdeňka Berana, CSc. z oddělení Teorie řízení.
Recognition for Dr. Zdenek Beran from the Department of Control Theory.
Prestigious Werner von Siemens Awards were delivered to young scientists, students and teachers on February 4th, 2016...
Petr Augusta from Department of Control Theory was awarded The Best Paper Diploma of the 13th International Carpathian...
Sergej Čelikovský received SICE 2011 Award for Outstanding Paper published in
Doc. RNDr. Sergej Čelikovský, CSc. was awarded Guest Professor of Wuhan University, China. Wuhan is the metropolis...
Petr Augusta was awarded a Diploma in the Scientific Section of the XIth International Student Olympiad on Automatic...
Professor Vladimír Kučera was awarded the Gold Felber medal of the Czech Technical University in 2006.
In 2006, Professor Vladimír Kučera was awarded the prestigious medal Chevalier dans ľordre des Palmes Académiques...