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Annual workshop on Stochastics Informatics and Decision Making (Alšovice 2022)


Workshop on Stochastics Informatics and Decision Making  - well known as Alšovice according to the traditional venue of many of the first meetings - is an annual workshop organized by members of the department of Stochastic Informatics of the Institute of Information Theory and Automation of the Czech Academy of Sciences. It is an informal meeting of people interested in various topics of information and decision-making theories.

Useful information

  • Date: June 15 - June 17, 2022 (Wednesday - Friday).
  • Registration deadline: 15th May 2022. Either via email to Karel Vrbenský or via Google Forms. Please specify how long you want to stay, the title of your talk, and its preferred length.
  • Location: The workshop takes place in penzion Vyhlídka Janovičky (photo by Richenza) in the Czech Republic in the beautiful Broumov area nearby the border with Poland (see map below).
  • Presentation: Each participant is invited to give a presentation in duration of approximately 30 minutes.
  • Accommodation: Accommodation is provided in the guest house, including full board.


Wednesday (Chair: Jiří Michálek)

  • 14:00 Petr Tichavský: Tenzorové rozklady pro kvantovou chemii
  • 14:30 Jan Klaschka : Exaktní konfidenční množiny pro trinomické rozdělení.
  • 15:30 Josef Kurka: Asymetrie rozdělení a výnosy na měnových trzích

Thursday (Chair: Jiřina Vejnarová)

  • 09:30 Jiří Vomlel: Modeling the spread of loanwords in South East Asia Sea
  • 10:30 Milan StudenýFacets of the cone of exact games

Friday (Chair: Antonín Otáhal)

  • 09:00 Jozef Baruník: Deep Learning in Economics and Finance
  • 09:30 Lukáš Vácha:  Localized persistence of economic time series
  • 10:30 Luboš Hanus: Learning Probability Distributions in Macroeconomics and Finance
  • 11:10 Martin Šmíd: (Ne)jsou všechny epidemiologický modely stejný


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