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Prof. RNDr., Ing. Jan Kodera, CSc.

This person is no longer active at UTIA.
research fellow
Research interests: 
nonlinear economic dynamics
Publications ÚTIA: 
2014-01-13 11:46

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Duration: 2009 - 2011
The project is aimed at nonlinear dynamics application to monetary and financial economics. The area aof monetary research will be aimed at classical macro monetary nonlinear models, where the potentials of complex dynamics (chaos) will be investigated. Analysis of the model of real business cycles and models of dynamic equilibrium will be also addressed by the project.
Duration: 2006 - 2008
Economic systems exhibit many types of bifurcations such as pitchfork bifurcations in the tatonement process, transcritical bifurcations in the Bergstrom-Newman-Wymer continuous-time macroeconometric model, Hopf bifurcations in the growth models.