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Prof. RNDr. Martin Kružík, Ph.D. DSc.

senior research fellow, head of the department
Research interests: 
Mathematical and computer modelling.
Publications ÚTIA: 
2023-05-24 06:36

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Duration: 2021 - 2024
We will propose a mathematically lucid setting for the derivation of reduced models from nonlinear continuum thermomechanics. We will justify linearized models in thermoviscoelasticity and viscoplasticity as limits of the nonlinear deformation theory employing variational convergence.
Duration: 2019 - 2021
The project aims at advancing the mathematical modeling of nonlinear mechanical phenomena described by large strain deformations in three different directions.
Duration: 2018 - 2020
This project is focused on systematic experimental investigation and theoretical description of nucleation and propagation of martensitic phase transformation via localized inhomogeneities in NiTi shape memory alloys, so-called transformation bands.
Duration: 2017 - 2019
New equilibrium models arising in economy and mechanics will be described by systems of evolutionary generalized equations (EGEs) and thoroughly investigated. Their characteristic feature is the presence of nonsmooth and set-valued mappings. We intend to study various concepts of solutions to systems of such generalized equations and their relevance for particular problems.
Duration: 2016 - 2018
The accurate description of the complex thermomechanical behavior of solids requires the efficient treatment of strongly nonlinearly coupled partial differential equations systems.



Mgr. Petr Pelech Ph.D.
Matematicko-fyzikální fakulta UK
Matematicko-fyzikální fakulta UK