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BSc./Mgr./PhD. Topic: Normative theory and algorithms of distributed decision making under uncertainty and incomplete knowledge (Kárný)

Type of Work: 
ÚTIA AV ČR, v.v.i., oddělení AS, 266052274
adaptivní systémy, distribuované systémy, poradní systémy, bayesovské učení, pravděpodobnostní návrh, pravděpodobnostní kooperace, kvantifikace znalostí a preferencí

Real processes result from interactions of relatively independently deciding but mutually interacting parts, modelled predominantly as multi-agents’ systems. A sufficiently complete, normative and algorithmically implementable theory is still missing, which is dearly paid by effort and quality in solving specific problems. Preliminary results indicate that such a theory can be created by combining Bayesian decision making, dynamic probabilistic modelling and fully probabilistic design of decision strategies. This still new research area is widely applicable, for instance, in technology or e-democracy. It faces a range of theoretical, optimisation, algorithmic, experimental and software problems suitable for 2-3 PhD. theses and a range of MSc. and BSc. theses. Their content can be tailored to the student interests from purely theoretical up to software or a specific application oriented levels.

The topic suits to students of MFF UK, FEL ČVUT, FJFI ČVUT, FAV ZČU, and possibly others.

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