Publications - Martina Kolafová

Journal articles (1)

1. Jiří Filip, Martina Kolafová, Michal Havlíček, Radomír Vávra, Michal Haindl, H. Rushmeier: Evaluating Physical and Rendered Material Appearance. Visual Computer 34, 805-816.   Download

Conference papers (2)

1. Jiří Filip, Martina Kolafová: Effects of Surface Anisotropy on Perception of Car Body Attractiveness. Pacific Graphics Short Papers, 17-20. The Eurographics Association, Geneve 2018.   Download
2. Jiří Filip, Martina Kolafová: Perception of Car Shape Orientation and Anisotropy Alignment. EG MAM 2018: Eurographics 2018 Workshop on Material Appearance Modeling. The Eurographics Association, Goslar 2018.   Download