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Towards electronic democracy

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The project proposes a timely development of Bayesian methods to support societal decision making via the mechanisms of the WWW: a true step towards e¬-democracy rather than the e¬-administration techniques that so far have lain at the heart of e-government initiatives. While our overall objective is clearly too substantial for a single programme, our specific goals are more focused. We shall seek to develop methodologies and tools to support the analysis at the heart of our vision, specifically • develop methodologies which enable multiple decision analyses to be communicated, explored and, indeed, built over the WWW, thus providing the mechanism by which stakeholders may be drawn more closely into the decision making process; • prototype software and interfaces for achieving this; • evaluate the tools and methodologies in the context of ‘hypothetical’ scenarios which exhibit many of the complexities of real issues but are simple enough to be explored within the timescale and resources of the programme; and, generally, • promote rational, inclusive and participative approaches to societal decision making.
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28.01.2011 - 15:27