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BSc./Mgr. Topic: Mathematical modelling of motion of industrial robots (Belda)

Type of Work: 
UTIA CAS, dept. of AS, 26605 2310
Parametric models, analytic geometry, time parameterisation, industrial robots, kinematic quantities

The theme of the bachelor/diploma thesis is focused on the motion modelling of industrial articulated robots. Modelling will deal with the investigation of parametric models of both planar and spatial curves containing the so-called geometric parameter. This parameter determining the position on the given curve will be used in the design of a suitable time parameterization of the robot's motion. Its output will be the time dependencies of partial coordinates of a specific coordinate system and their respective derivatives. For the shape optimization of the motion, polynomial approximations can be considered for the cases of parametric curves without a uniform course of the geometric parameter. Algorithms will be created in the MATLAB language with a connection to the C language. For the development and testing of the algorithms, the requirements of real industrial robots and control algorithms based on model predictive control will be considered.

The topic is suitable for FNSPE CTU, by agreement for FEE, FME CTU and other universities.

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[4] Other literature according to the specific focus of the thesis.

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