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Scientific Departments

Adaptive Systems (AS) - homepage
Adaptive control, Bayesian estimation and prediction, dynamic decision making under uncertainty (concepts, theory, algorithms, software and applications).

Control Theory (TR) - homepage
Analysis and design of linear systems including robust control. Numerical methods for control systems analysis and design including chaotic systems. Analysis and design of nonlinear control systems. Topological dynamics and dynamical systems on surfaces and manifolds.

Decision Making Theory (MTR) - homepage
Probabilistic Methods in Artificial Intelligence, Bayesian Networks, Conditional Independence Structures, Imprecise Probabilities, Variational Methods, Optimization, Mathematical Methods in Materials Science, Partial Differential Equations

Econometrics (E) - homepage
Stochastic models in economics and econometrics. Financial econometrics. Real and monetary macrodynamics. Stochastic and dynamic optimization.

Image processing (ZOI) - homepage
Image fusion and its essentials - image registration, multichannel blind deconvolution, superresolution, and image compositing. Invariant descriptors for distorted object recognition, namely theory of moment invariants and local descriptors. Analysis of image forgeries. Content based image retrieval. Major applications in biomedicine, remote sensing, astronomy, security, and art conservation.

Pattern Recognition (RO) - homepage
Statistical pattern recognition with emphasis on model-based pattern recognition and application of finite mixtures, modelling of random fields for scene interpretation, probabilistic neural networks, statistical feature selection and applications in economics, car industry, architecture, medicine, and text document classification and processing.

Signal Processing (ZS) - homepage
Recursive system identification algorithms, adaptive control and audio processing, advanced digital signal processing algorithms, parallel algorithms and architectures, reconfigurable systems, field-programmable gate arrays (FPGA), novel FPGA architectures, dynamic reconfiguration in FPGA, embedded systems, hardware software co-design

Stochastic Informatics (SI) - homepage
Information in statistical experiments and optimal statistical decisions, Robust statistical procedures and their applications in various statistical environments, Statistical inference in random processes and random fields, Stochastic analysis and partial differential equations.

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