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BSc./Mgr. Topic: Numerical methods in the design of control of industrial robots (Belda)

Type of Work: 
UTIA CAS, dept. of AS, 26605 2310
Model predictive control, numerical integration methods, industrial robots, nonlinear dynamic models

The topic of the bachelor/diploma thesis is focused on the selection and implementation of a suitable numerical method for the predictive control algorithm, which uses a default physical nonlinear model describing the robot's dynamics. Numerical methods should be used in the construction of prediction equations that express the dependence of future planned outputs on unknown calculated inputs (control actions) and also for control using internal simulation in its design. Algorithms will be created in the MATLAB language with a connection to the C language. For the development and testing of the algorithms, the requirements of real industrial robots and control algorithms based on model predictive control will be considered.

The topic is suitable for FNSPE CTU, by agreement for FEE, FME CTU and other universities.

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[4] Other literature according to the specific focus of the thesis.

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