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Pattern Recognition Department

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logo PRD The scope of the activities of the Department of Pattern Recognition covers statistical pattern recognition, with emphasis being put on model-based pattern recognition and the application of finite mixtures, modeling of random fields for scene interpretation, probabilistic neural networks, statistical feature selection and applications in economics, the car industry, architecture, medicine, and text-document classification and processing. In all these areas, the group members enjoy an international reputation manifested by scientific awards and memberships in the governing bodies of international organizations.

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Department detail

Mgr. Petr Dostál Ph.D.
Ing. Jiří Filip Ph.D.
Ing. Jiří Grim CSc.
Prof. Ing. Michal Haindl DrSc.
Ing. Martin Hatka Ph.D.
Ing. Michal Havlíček Ph.D.
RNDr. Vojtěch Havlíček Ph.D.
Jana Krejčová
Ing. Mikuláš Krupička Ph.D.
RNDr. Stanislav Mikeš Ph.D.
Prof. Ing. Pavel Pudil DrSc.
Ing. Radek Richtr Ph.D.
Ing. Nahidbanu Shaikh
RNDr. Petr Somol Ph.D.
RNDr. Pavel Vácha Ph.D.
Ing. Radomír Vávra Ph.D.
Veronika Vilímovská
Martin Vítek
Martin Vítek
RNDr. Pavel Žid Ph.D.
Duration: 2022 - 2024
Real-world comprises thousands of materials having different surface appearances.
Duration: 2017 - 2019
Surface appearance is one of the most important aspects of commercial products in fields ranging from the car industry and consumer electronics to cosmetics. Manufacturers strive to introduce special visual effects (finishing, coating) in order to visually communicate functional properties of products using a value-added, customized product design.
Duration: 2014 - 2016
View and illumination dependent representation of real-world material surfaces is crucial for different applications in virtual prototyping, safety visual simulations or cultural heritage digitization. However, the measurement of the corresponding descriptive data is time consuming due to its massive size and dimensionality, which strongly limit any practical utilization.
Duration: 2011 - 2013
Real-world comprises thousands of materials having different surface textures. The appearance of these textures is a key in our everyday judgements of material properties. These judgements are based on our past experience, recognition, and usage of these materials.
Ing. Nahidbanu Shaikh
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Fakulta informačních technologií ČVUT
Fakulta informačních technologií ČVUT
Fakulta informačních technologií ČVUT
Workshop on Perception of Material Appearance 2022 , 2022-06-14
The department of Pattern Recognition organizes half-day Workshop on Perception of Material Appearance.The workshop will be held at UTIA, in room 473, on Tuesday, June 14, 2022, starting at 9:00.Program:
7th International Workshop on Multiple Clasifier Systems , 2007-05-22
MCS 2007 is the seventh workshop in a well-established series of meetings providing an international forum for the discussion of issues in multiple classifier system design. The aim of the workshop is to bring together researchers from...